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Kibot API Client

Kibot API Client is an open-source application written in .NET that demonstrates the communication between the client application and our servers. The application contains all the source code required for authentication and download of historical data from our servers.


You can download VB.NET or C# Visual Studio projects and use them as a basis for your own application development. You will need Visual Studio in order to make changes and compile the source code. If you do not have the commercial version of Visual Studio installed on your computer, there is a free version called Visual Studio 2010 Express. You can download it from Microsoft and use it to open our project files. Kibot API Client is built upon .NET Framework v2.0 and it is also compatible with all the later versions of the .NET runtimes.

Download source code

Use the links below to download the source code:

  1. VB.NET 2010 version
  2. C# 2010 version
  3. VB.NET 2008 version
  4. C# 2008 version

Download binary files

Use the links below to download compiled binary files. Copy all the files included into any folder on your computer and run the exe file to start using the application.

  1. Compiled binary files (.NET Framework 2 or higher required)
  2. Portable version of the application (stand-alone exe file, no runtimes or installation required)
  3. .NET Framework 2.0 Runtimes

Historical Data API - Table of Contents

    Historical data API  
    How to get access
    Login request
    Download historical data
    Stock data adjustments
    Logout request
    Sample source code
    Sample client application
    Data compression
    Server responses