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How to get access to API

You can get access to our API by subscribing to Premium subscription package. You can also use a guest account in which case you are allowed to download only daily (end of day) historical data.

Guest account

Guest accounts are anonymous, restricted accounts that have access to certain amount of daily (end of day) data. To login as a guest, use guest for both user name and password.


Our Premium subscription package comes with access to our API as long as your subscription is valid. You can subscribe while placing your order for any of our data products, or by visiting this web page.

Free trial

You can get free 15-day access to Kibot API after buying any of our data products. After you buy historical data from our web site, please contact us to have your API account activated. You will be able to use the user name and password you received from us to access API servers.

Any purchased data package gives you 15-day trial access to API, but only for the purchased list of symbols, daily data for stocks and ETFs and free data that we offer on the Buy page.

Data availability

Most of the data that we offer is usually available immediately after the close of the regular market session. To update your existing data and download the dates that are missing, determine the last date in your downloaded local file and then request the missing data starting from that date.

Delayed data for US stocks and ETFs

US stocks and ETFs minute and daily data is delayed by 30 minutes during market hours and immediately available after the market is closed.

Other non-US stocks and ETFs data

Previous day's trading session for all other instrument types (Forex, Futures) is available after 2:15AM ET every day. Some instrument types are updated several times per day and available around 6PM.

Adjusted data

The list of back-adjusted symbols is available for download after 1AM ET. Use the list to see if there are any files that need to be downloaded entirely. The idea is to download the entire file from our server after every split or a dividend. We are performing all the adjustments on our part. You will be able to get the back-adjusted data after 4:45AM ET.

You can get a list of symbols/files that have been back-adjusted the previous day by calling the following URL every day after 1AM ET:

Historical Data API - Table of Contents

    Historical data API  
    How to get access
    Login request
    Download historical data
    Stock data adjustments
    Logout request
    Sample source code
    Sample client application
    Data compression
    Server responses