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Historical data API

Our Application Programming Interface (API) is provided for use by third-party developers and specifies a standard interface that can be implemented on any platform using any programming language to download historical data for stocks, ETFs, Forex and Futures from our servers.

So easy, your web browser can do it!

Our API is so simple that you can use your regular web browser to download data. You do not even need an account. There is also no need to install or download any software or libraries. Your existing web browser is all you need to start using Kibot API.

For example, use this link to login:

Click on the link below to show daily data for the last 10 calendar days for MSFT:

To start the download process in your web browser, just add "&attach=1" to your URL.
Here is the link for all daily data since 1/1/2014:

No programming skills are required. You can schedule and automate download and update tasks with our Kibot Agent software.

Click here to find out how you can get full access to Kibot API.

New Kibot API v2 Features

We have recently upgraded Kibot API to version 2 and activated some new features:

Aggregate bid/ask data support. You can use the new tickbidask1, tickbidask5, tickbidask15 and tickbidask30 interval parameters to download 1, 5, 15 and 30 minute aggregate bid/ask data.

Split adjusted data. We now offer data that is adjusted for splits only (excluding dividends). This is the same adjustment method that is used for charts on Yahoo Finance, Google Finance and some other financial web sites. You can use "&splitadjusted=1" parameter to download data.

Snapshot feature. Use a single snapshot API call to request current day's data for one or more instruments. There is no need for multiple calls to API. The maximum number of symbols separated by comma is 100. The format is api.kibot.com/?action=shapshot&symbol=[symbols]. For example: http://api.kibot.com/?action=snapshot&symbol=$NDX,AAPL

Support for NinjaTrader data format. We have now added support for NinjaTrader minute, daily and tick format. Add "&ninjatrader=1" to your URLs to download data from API in NinjaTrader format.

30 minute delay during trading hours. US stocks and ETFs minute and daily data is delayed by 30 minutes during market hours and immediately available after market is closed.

New servers assigned. We have added new servers to process ever increasing number of calls to Kibot API. api.kibot.com is still the main entry point. All the background work is distributed geographically and across multiple physical machines.

Tick data support. All of our tick data can now be downloaded from API. There are several new interval parameters you can use. Accepted values are listed in the documentation. For example, to download tick (with bid/ask) data for MSFT use this URL:

Futures and Forex. We have started supporting other instrument types and markets, not just US stocks and ETFs. New "&type=" parameter is necessary to get other types of data. Acceptable values are stocks, ETFs, forex and futures. For example, this query gets the last 10 days of tick data for BO (SOYBEAN OIL):

Unadjusted data support. You can now download both adjusted and unadjusted data from our API. There is a parameter you can use to get the unadjusted data: &unadjusted=1. This works for all US stocks and ETFs. For example:

Download tick, intraday and daily data

All of our tick, intraday and daily (end-of-day) data is available for download through API. We offer over 26 years of 1 minute-level intraday data for stocks and ETFs, over 15 years of minute data for Forex and Futures and over 15 years of tick-by-tick Stock, Forex and Futures market historical data for thousands of the most popular and liquid companies and instruments.

Simple and intuitive

Our goal is to provide a simple to use and intuitive way to access historical market data on our servers. Our API uses standard HTTP protocol to process requests and deliver results to remote client applications. It allows the developer to access data and functionality we provide through a web-enabled application. Kibot API follows the standard web services model: users of the service request historical data over HTTP and data is returned by the service as a formatted stream of text.

Ready to use examples

Whenever possible, we include examples to use with a browser to quickly and easily formulate calls to Kibot API and review results. Simply copy and paste the provided URL into your web browser's address text box to get the results. Before issuing any requests, make sure that you are logged in. We also offer an open-source application which you can use as a basis for your own application development.


You can download our open-source sample application which demonstrates the client-server communication from the Kibot API Client web page. Both source code and binary files are available.

Historical Data API - Table of Contents

    Historical data API  
    How to get access
    Login request
    Download historical data
    Stock data adjustments
    Logout request
    Sample source code
    Sample client application
    Data compression
    Server responses