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Kibot Updater

Your existing data can be updated by our Kibot Updater tool. It appends new data to the existing files and takes care of all adjustments and changes in the background. You can use its command line mode to automate the update procedure.

All updates are generated automatically in a form of a self-extracting archive file and available for download from our FTP server. Every new split and dividend is included in the updates. This requires no work on your part since we are tracking all the changes and modifying the data accordingly.

Updates contain only the changes since the last update which makes them much smaller than the original files. When you run an update on your computer, Kibot Updater is automatically launched and it is ready to update your existing files. Updater tool uses regular comma-delimited text files that are part of the archive.

Kibot Updater

Processing splits and dividends

Whenever a file needs to be adjusted for corporate actions, its complete version is compressed in an update. The Updater tool then simply replaces your local file with the new version. That simplifies the whole update process and makes it much faster. New data is appended to all other daily and intraday files since they do not need complete adjustment. Since most of the customers are already familiar with Yahoo Finance historical daily data and are frequently comparing our data with Yahoo, we use the adjustment method as explained at this page:

Using a custom update method

You can rename the extension of the file from EXE to RAR and use it as a regular RAR archive. This is useful if you want to use your own update mechanism and update your files (or database) without the updater tool. There are two folders containing the data: Intraday and Daily. There is also a text file in the root folder which contains the list of the files that are back-adjusted after a split or a dividend.

Here is the structure of every update file:

Daily <folder>
Intraday <folder>

Command line mode

You can automate the update process by using the built-in command line mode in Kibot Updater.