Subscribe to historical data updates

In order to keep up with the market changes, your trading systems need to be backtested regularly against the most current data. The easiest way to keep your data up to date is by subscribing to our daily, weekly or monthly historical data update service.

You can find our subscription packages below. For more information about the ordering, cancellation and similar topics, please scroll down to the bottom of this page or follow this link.

Daily updates, API and FTP access
+ over 5 years of intraday data

This subscription includes over 5 years of daily and minute interval data (since 2014) for all Stocks, ETFs, Futures contracts, Forex pairs and full access to API and FTP. Below is the list of all the features that are included:

  Over 5 years of Stocks, ETFs, Futures and Forex historical data. Access to daily and minute interval data is included over FTP and Kibot API.

  Access to our historical data API service. This enables you to programmatically download data from our servers.

  30 minute delayed data during trading hours for data delivered over API for stocks and ETFs.

  Daily, weekly and monthly updates available as downloadable archives over FTP. If for any reason you miss a daily update, you can update your data at the end of a week or a month.

  No programming skills are required. You can schedule and automate download and update tasks with Kibot Agent.

  Your existing data can also be updated with our Kibot Updater tool by simply executing the update file downloaded from our FTP server. Command line mode is also available.

You can add extra years of data for $200 per year and $100 per year for data before 2009 from our Buy page.

+ add extra years to your order

Subscription levels below require an existing purchase of any of the available data packages or a custom list of instruments.

Daily updates

This subscription includes all the features from our top subscription level, but does not include API access and 5 years of data:

  Daily, weekly and monthly updates over FTP. If for any reason you miss a daily update, you can update your data at the end of a week or a month.

  Download and update data, automate tasks with Kibot Agent.

  Data is updated automatically with our Kibot Agent or Kibot Updater tool.

Weekly data updates

This level of subscription includes:

  Weekly and monthly data updates over FTP. If for any reason you miss a weekly update, you can update your data at the end of a month.

  Data is updated automatically with our Kibot Updater tool.

Monthly data updates

This level of subscription includes:

  Monthly data updates over FTP.

  Data is updated automatically with our Kibot Updater tool.

How does it work?

There are three ways to keep your data up-to-date:

  • You can use our Kibot Agent software to download data and schedule automatic updates.
  • You can download updates from our FTP server and use your own custom method or the Kibot Updater tool to update your existing data.
  • You can use our historical data API to download the data from our server programmatically.

How can I cancel a subscription?

Cancellation process is very simple and you are free to cancel an existing subscription whenever you want. All orders on our web site are handled by ShareIt! and Digital River. When you purchase any product with them, you are automatically getting access to a password-protected "My Account" area of their web site. From there, you can check the details of your subscription and cancel it directly. Furthermore, you can contact the share-it! Customer Service Team to request a cancellation of the subscription. You can also contact us directly to cancel or make changes to your subscription. Please e-mail us at least 48 hours before the next billing date.

How can I subscribe?

  1. During ordering process. Select whether you want to subscribe to data updates while placing your order for any of our data packages.
  2. Using a direct link. You can use this web page or select subscription packages above to place your order for data updates any time after your initial purchase.

How to get access to Kibot API?

Access to Kibot API access is part of our "Daily data updates" subscription. Guest access is also available. For more information, please visit this web page.

Should I wait until the beginning of the next month before subscribing?

No. Update services are renewed automatically on a monthly basis. Charges are made every 30 days starting with your initial order date - not when the calendar month changes. You can sign up towards the end of a calendar month and still get a full 30 days value.

Which payment types can I use for subscriptions?

All payment types currently available with ShareIt! can be offered for subscriptions. Payment types include credit and debit card, wire transfer, check and cash payment.

How secure is the order process?

Our order process is 100% secure and is powered by ShareIt! and Digital River, leaders in electronic product distribution. All your private information is sent encrypted over the Internet via a secure connection. It is absolutely secure to purchase our products and data. For more information, please see this web page.

What happens when the first rebilling is due?

If you have chosen to pay for the original order with a credit or debit card, ShareIt! will automatically send an e-mail to remind you of the upcoming rebilling for this subscription. If the rebilling amount is successfully charged to the card, you will be able to continue using the product without interruption. If you have chosen to pay by wire transfer, check or cash, you will receive payment notification in time before payment is due. This invoice mail contains all relevant payment information.

What happens when the credit or debit card has been successfully charged (or when the payment has arrived)?

Following payment, you will receive your invoice and payment confirmation via e-mail and can continue to make use our subscription services.

What happens if the credit or debit card cannot be successfully charged or if no payment arrives?

Before the start of the next billing period you will receive a rebilling notification, informing that the unit price for the next subscription period will be charged to your card. If this automatic attempt to charge a credit/debit card fails, you receive an e-mail informing that charging the card was not possible or not effected and that the subscription has therefore been cancelled.

What happens if payment arrives later?

If payment arrives after the due date, you receive a mail, informing that the subscription has been reactivated and that you can therefore make use of the subscription product again.

Does the subscription resume with a new valid date?

Yes, the subscription is reactivated on the date that payment was made. This is the date used for calculating future rebilling.