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  Free historical data samples

Files below contain one minute and tick data for certain selected instruments. We are providing this data so you can see what will the purchased data look like.

You can download the files below and freely use them in your analysis. If you have any existing data, we encourage you to compare it with our data to check for any discrepancies.

We have used the same data to create our high frequency trading systems and to achieve the best performing trading system status on Collective2, the leading web site for trading system analysis.

Tick data format

The order of fields in the tick files is: Date,Time,Price,Bid,Ask,Size. Bid and Ask values are omitted in regular tick files. Bid ask values are aggregated from multiple exchanges. For each trade, current best bid/ask values are recorded together with transaction price and volume. Trade records are not aggregated.

Our intraday data format is explained on this web page.

Free intraday data

Free tick data with bid/ask

IBM (International Business Machines)
Regular session data from Jan 1998       
WDC (Western Digital)
Data from Sep 2009       
OIH (Market Vectors Oil Services ETF)
Regular session data from Dec 2011       
IVE (S&P 500 Value Index)
Data from Sep 2009       

  Volume Discounts - Buy More and Save!

   1.  All Intraday + Daily

One minute adjusted and unadjusted intraday and daily data for all US stocks and ETFs:

Total: 7880 files and 105 GB uncompressed
Downloadable size: about 15 GB in a compressed format over 1Gbps line

Only $1800 ($2800)

   2.  All Tick + Intraday + Daily

Tick (with bid/ask), one minute Intraday and Daily data for:

Total: 35,530 files and 881 GB uncompressed
Downloadable size: about 130 GB in a compressed format over 1Gbps line

* Tick data unavailable for indexes
* Bid/Ask values not available in tick data for some OTC stocks
* Total number of files represents both tick and intraday files
* Total size represents size for both tick and intraday data

Only $4800 ($10700)

   3.  Ultimate Data Package

Tick (with bid/ask), one minute Intraday and Daily data for:

* Tick data unavailable for indexes
* API subscription also includes daily, weekly and monthly data updates

Only $7900 ($19900)

  Stocks Historical Data

   Top 50 most liquid Stocks  -  Stats...

   Top 200 most liquid Stocks  -  Stats...

   Dow 30 historical data

   NASDAQ 100 historical data

   S&P 100 historical data

   S&P 500 historical data

   Russell 1000 historical data

   Russell 3000 historical data

   All Stocks historical data

  ETFs Historical Data

   Top 50 most liquid ETFs  -  Stats...

   Top 200 most liquid ETFs  -  Stats...

   All ETFs historical data

  Stocks and ETFs Historical Data

   Top 50 most liquid Stocks and ETFs  -  Stats...

   Top 200 most liquid Stocks and ETFs  -  Stats...

   All Stocks and ETFs historical data

  Indexes and Indicators Historical Data

   Top Indexes and Indicators historical data

   All Indexes and Indicators historical data

  Canadian Stocks Historical Data

   All Canadian Stocks historical data

  Futures Historical Data

The order of values in tick files is: Date,Time,Price,Bid,Ask,Size. Price is the transaction price, bid/ask are the best bid ask at the moment of transaction and size is the number of futures contracts exchanged.

   Continuous Futures Contracts historical data

   All Futures Contracts historical data

  Forex Historical Data

Tick data for Forex consists of bid and ask prices. Unlike stocks, futures and some other markets, Forex market is not organized around a central exchange. As a result, transaction price and volume data is unavailable. In order to preserve compatibility with our regular tick data format, we have included Price and Volume in the data. The order of fields is Date,Time,Price,Bid,Ask,Volume. Price is always equal to Bid and Volume is always 1.

   All Forex Currency Pairs

  OTC Bulletin Board (OTCBB) Historical Data

   OTC Bulletin Board (OTCBB) Historical Data

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