Kibot Agent change log

v1.0.1374 - 7/18/2018
  ! Fixed split adjusted data download
  ! Fixed "Cannot extract date..." error for the aggregate bid/ask interval
  + Added support for NinjaTrader 8 tick data format
  + Added support for Tradestation data format
  + Added support for UTC time stamps

v1.0.1295 - 10/19/2017
  ! Fixed the 'cannot get server date/time' error and problem with updates
  * Other improvements and bug fixes

v1.0.998 - 1/6/2017
  Added support for open interest values for futures daily data

v1.0.961 - 12/9/2016
  ! Fixed 'Unable to get the last date from file' for empty files with custom header
  ! Fixed 'Maximum number of errors" problem with instruments with no data during certain periods
  * Improved multithreading and distribution of download tasks for faster download times

v1.0.846 - 6/8/2016
  ! Fixed problems with date time formats when using certain regional settings in Windows

v1.0.825 - 3/22/2016
  ! Fixed problems with custom date/time formats
  * Other improvements and bug fixes

v1.0.779 - 1/5/2016
  Significantly improved download speed and server response time
  ! Fixed occasional login problems

v1.0.734 - 12/8/2015
  Added support for aggregate bid/ask data
  Custom header/first line for new files

v1.0.694 - 9/23/2015
  Symbol lists can now be updated automatically from Kibot servers
  Better Windows integration for non-administrative user accounts
  * Improved error handling
  ! Fixed freezing during download of large files

v1.0.397 - 7/27/2015
  ! Fixed freezing after longer period of inactivity
  * Better handling of interrupted downloads

v1.0.363 - 7/12/2015
  Increased download speed for large files
  Added various checks to prevent data corruption in downloaded files
  ! Fixed "arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow" error when downloading large files
  ! Fixed the problem with the lists where having just one symbol in the list produced an error

v1.0.303 - 06/25/2015
  First public release.

  + added * changed - deleted ! bug fixed